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Chief Scientist

Liu Kaiyu, Male, born in 1967 in Changsha, Hunan Province, graduate advisor and professor at Central South University. From 1995 to 1998, he studied for a master's degree in applied chemistry at Central South University and teached in the Central South University after graduation. From 1999 to 2003, he studied for a doctor's degree in physical chemistry, Central South University.From 2003 to 2007, postdoctoral research in materials science, state key laboratory of Powder metallurgy, Central South University. During the period (2003-2004) , he was sent by the Ministry of Education to the State University of Science and technology of Ukraine as a visiting scholar to study supercapacitors and related materials. 
The R & D of The major projects include: The key project "intermediate test of rare earth hydrogen storage alloy" in Hunan Province, the national "863" high-tech Project, the TIAL-based Alloy near-forming technology" , and the National Development and Reform Commission Project "development of TIAL-based Alloy exhaust valve and seat ring" . He won a second-class award for scientific and technological progress in Hunan Province, a third-class award for scientific and technological progress in Hunan Province and a first-class award for scientific and technological progress nominated by the Ministry of Education,also won two national invention patents.

Project principal

Peng Junwen, General Manager / Senior Engineer
Mainly engaged in Ni-MH Battery product research and development and enterprise management. He has worked as an engineer,minister and deputy chief engineer in Desay and Shenzhou company. In 2010 he participated as a member of the core technical team of Central South University in the industrialization of the Ni-MH power car battery project in cooperation with Weidong group; he remained as chief engineer after completion of the project,responsible for product development and process technology management,During this period, 12 patents have been applied for and granted.
Wei Qiqiu, Vice General Manager / Senior Engineer
In charge of production and equipment. He used to be chief engineer of equipment and Vice President of production in Hunan Corun New Energy Co., Ltd.With more than 20 years of battery manufacturing and production management experience.
Su Shining, Vice General Manager 
In charge of Quality Control, he used to work in Dongguan ATL company, experienced with Sony, Foxconn and Apple customers, with 20 years of quality control work experience, familiar with quality engineering, online monitoring, standardization management and system management.
Liu Weibing, Vice General Manager / Senior Engineer
In charge of Ni-MH battery structure and automation equipment development,who has studied and engaged in automation design in the United Kingdom, with more than 30 years of design experience.
Bian Huiying, Chief Financial Officer
In charge of market financing matters,british returnee, get a master's degree and CPA,good working experience in accounting networks and associations,who engaged in management work for many years in Fujian Weidong Group,familiar with financial accounting policy.
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