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24V/60Ah Battery System

Category : Battery System
Mainly used in the field of AGV , it is a kind of connected Ni-MH battery system, the voltage is 24V, the capacity is 60Ah.
AGV main application system
24V system 18Ah 30Ah 40Ah 60Ah 100Ah 150Ah
48V system


The Ni-MH battery system for AGV is composed of Ni-MH battery pack and battery management system.The battery pack uses a non-polluting, maintenance-free power Ni-MH battery,with high power, long life, low internal resistance, high efficiency, resistance to over-charge or over-discharge, no memory effect, high current charging and discharging, It is an excellent fast-charging power supply.

The Battery Management System consists of main control unit, display module and cooling system, which can monitor the Ni-MH battery pack in any time. The main control module completes the functions of sampling, output control, communication coordination and management of the current, power and temperature of the battery pack, and the display module can not only realize the function of reading data, and through the display module can adjust the voltage, temperature protection value, according to the actual operating conditions to change the relevant parameters, timely open the cooling system of the whole battery system to reduce the temperature, to ensure the smooth operation of AGV.

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