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School enterprise cooperation adorable shoots practice base fruits
In June 19th, Central South University of Applied Chemistry 10 class 03 of grade 30 students under the leadership of Professor Liu Kaiyu, entered the Central South University practice base
Fujian TV News Center staff to our interview
In June 7th, Fujian TV news center line staff to our interview, the company leadership accompanying accompanied visit Introduction Company product production process, to make detailed answers to the p
Our battery with the FAW new energy bus successfully obtained the Ministry cars directory notice
China first automobile group CA6120URHEV21 Jiefang hybrid electric city bus to the success of the 2012 09 month 19 days to obtain the Ministry of industry and information technology "vehicle productio
Our smoothly obtain "defense communications network equipment into the network permits
In December 20, 2012, after a rigorous examination and identification of Chinese peoples Liberation Army General Staff, by the Fujian Wei Dongxin Energy Limited company R & D and production of 6-3000a
Division I (QNFS336-40-A1) battery system smoothly through the Jilin University bench test
In December 2, 2012, in cooperation with the FAW bus and Jilin University, Ni MH battery system to complete our bench test in Jilin University Automotive Institute, the test lasted 10 days, get the Ji
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