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Fujian Weidong New Energy Co., Ltd incorporated in 2010, completed equity division reform in December 2015, making it a normative limited company with registered capital reaching RMB102 million yuan.
In 2010, Weidong introduced a key electric vehicle R&D project of “Hi-MH Battery of Ultra-High Power and Long Life Cycle for Electric Vehicle Use” from Central South University, a project under the National High-Tech R&D Program (863 Program), and invited the responsible person of the aforesaid project Professor Liu Kaiyu to be the chief R&D officer. This project, having attracted and cultivated more than 70 technical talents of various disciplines, has been awarded as “Key Strategic Alliance of Technological Innovation in New Energy Vehicle Industry”, “Fujian’s Enterprise-Level Engineering Technology Reseach Center of Ni-MH Power Battery for Electric Vhicle Use of Fujian’s Technological Research Platform” and “Fujian’s Technology-Oriented Enterprise” and so on by Fujian Department of Scient and Technology.
Now Weidong has established Ni-MH power battery automated production lines with an annual throughput up to 50 million Ah with the production lines successfully put into operation in 2012, and developed an all-round industrial chain integrating vehicles power battery pack, hybrid vehicles power train system and battery recycling system. Weidong now enjoys a leading position in products application to China’s hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles , engineering machinery, boats,ships and sedan,with its products mainly applied to the fields including hybrid electric vehicles, AGV industrial robots, starter power, start-stop batteries and power storage system of telecommunication base stations. The all-out implementation of lean production management and intelligent manufacturing coupled with fully-fledged independent innovation competence enable Weidong to be a China’s first-rate modern technology-oriented enterprise with a combination of R&D, manufacturing and marketing of Ni-MH power batteries.
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