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Our Founders

You Weidong, main founder and permanent Honorary Chairman of Weidong, was born on 19th November 1968 in Xinluo District, Longyan, Fujian Province, with his ancestral home in Huahou Village, Rentian Town, Shanghang County, Fujian Province.
You Weidong graduated from the Department of automotive engineering, Tsinghua University. He once worked for Xiamen Jinlong Automobile Co., Ltd. and then returned to Longyan, his hometown, to start his own business. In 1995, You Weidong, a Tsinghua student, took the lead and worked hard to complete a number of scientific research projects issued by the science and Technology Department of Fujian Province, making a major breakthrough in scientific research projects.
On 7th April 1999, Mr. You sacrificed himself for the rescue of three workers with carbon monoxide poisoning, Many domestic media, such as people's daily and Guangming Daily, reported his heroic deeds. Former President of Tsinghua University Wang Dazhong wrote an inscription of “Role Model for the Youth” for Mr. You. On 11th October 1999, Mr. You was awarded with “Revolutionary martyr” by Fujian Provincial People’s Government. Mr. You devoted all his life to the automobile engineering, and set a mission of “Contributing to the Development of the Hometown and Motherland Through Scientific and Technological Progresses” when starting his own business.
For the promotion of noble ideas of hard work, dedication to technologies and sacrificing for others harbored by Mr. You, Fujian Weidong New Energy Co., Ltd, under the name of You Weidong, was founded in 2010.
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